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Dear Deans, Members and Schools,

Please join me and allow a moment of silence for Professor Aoi’s passing in September 2016. Professor Aoi has been a respected colleague and a dear friend to the Association. It was a tremendous loss of the world with a great scholar and true leader leaving us. May him rest in peace.

Formed earlier in May, the AAPBS Task Force team within the Council, has met in Shanghai during last month. The Task Force discussed topics that concerns AAPBS’s foundation, plan of growth and future prospects, such as: AAPBS Mission Statements, AAPBS Value Propositions, recruiting direction and criterion…etc. Thanks to Fudan University Dean Lu’s utmost hospitality. The Task Force will be reporting at the upcoming Council Meeting. We hope to revisit and refine our steering and hence provide a better value-added service to our members.

In addition, you may find a new section in the Newsletter is a complete AAPBS Member’s list with respective geographical location marked on the World’s map. This provides a broader picture to our members that AAPBS has been expanding over the years and extended beyond the Asia-Pacific region. We have 138 members at the moment and hoping to achieve 200 within the next few years.

Given this said, we are welcoming and asking your assistance to keep recommending your fellow schools. AAPBS provides a platform of collaboration, networking and friendship that’s unprecedented like other associations. It’s only possible with your active participation. We value all your comments and suggestions. Please feel free to contact the Executives at all times.

I look forward to seeing many of you in Seoul - when we will meet for what promises to be a very interesting Annual Meeting and where we will be celebrating our achievements over the year, preparing for the year ahead under a new President, Dean Decharin from Chulalongkorn and also congratulating KAIST on its 20th Anniversary!

Warm Regards

Professor Ruey-Shan Andy Guo

President, AAPBS

Dean, College of Management

National Taiwan University

Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.