Association of Asia-Pacific Business Schools

No. 314 Name admin Date 2017-06-29 Hit 987
Subject 2018 Program Invitation from Neumann Business School, Peru
attached file : Program invitation Neumann Business School, Peru.pdf

This letter is to inform you about the BECA INTEGRACIÓN 2018 in the Master of Business Administration (MAN) program in Spanish, an opportunity that can be accessed by graduates of the professional careers in Business and Economics that are taught In the member institutions of AAPBS, who will be able to continue their professional development by doing an International Master's Degree in Peru. The mastery is developed between the months of March to December of the year 2018 and the process of applications will be made from June 15 to August 14, 2017.

Considering this benefits all members of AAPBS, we ask you to disseminate within the academic community the present benefit, which is detailed in the link Integration, and we hope very soon, to have graduates of member institutions participating in our master's program.