Dear AAPBS members,

On behalf of School of Management, Lanzhou University, I would like to extend our warmest welcome to you for the 2021AAPBS Virtual Academic Conference.

It is our great privilege and honor to host the 2021 Academic Conference.Since becoming the AAPBS member in 2005, right after the founding of the School in 2004, LUSM has started the journey to be one of the prestigious comprehensive management schools in China. By growing up in the well-known university with more than 110-year history, LUSM is young but energetic, dedicated to highest standards of scholarship, and committed to the pursuit of excellence in educating future leaders in service to local and global communities.

After experiencing a particularly turbulent academic year, we find ourselves in an era that new collaborations are demanded for education-integrative approached that move beyond the competitive isolation and national frameworks in which universities have historically operated. Therefore, it is the time that we need to work with each more than ever before, although in a remote way.Let¡¯s strive to turn this crisis intoan opportunity to be more innovativeand to strengtheninternational cooperation; to utilize technology as a platform to enhance our international collaborations and exchange information to build a global community with a shared vision for our future world.

I am looking forward to meeting you online in May.

HE Wensheng
Dean and Professor
School of Management, Lanzhou University